[Intelly Growth] Episode 1 – Our first 4 months

It seems to have only been a week since the launch of our first plugin. And after only four months we seem to have already a strong company poised to revolutionize and improve the work of all users of this WordPress world.

IntellyWP started only four months ago, and these episodes will make public our growth. Our way of working and supporting customers, our belief in marketing and technology that can help an online business to grow more and more.

In this post, I will not lie by telling you that just after 100 days we have tens of thousands of customers. But I will focus on what a marketer does, analyze real data and evaluate them to grow, and maybe give you some advice to help grow your business.

Our growth of 200% per month

We started in April, and we are growing 200% every month, an average that will allow us to expand our team from 3 to 5 people in November.

We have reached about 9000 downloads, but frankly this is a fact that I do not like because they lie on the actual number of users who use our products.

The truth is that at present, over 60% of users who try our plugin Tracking Code Manager, keeps it up and use it.  While Inline Related Posts is around 30%.

And this is something incredible!

Nobody can keep these numbers, probably it will also touch us one day but the truth is that a plugin usually has 10-20% of active installs, not more.

For example, Yoast SEO has only 5% of active installations compared to the number of downloads and WooCommerce 12%.

Our strategy

From the beginning, our strategy was to create smart and useful products, period.

We are a company focused on marketing and growth hacking, and will continue to offer products that solve a problem or help to grow the audience of a website.

I was always a big fan of niche solutions. The niche always offers great results. My background in information marketing has helped me to understand better and take advantage of niche solutions to achieve results in the short term, therefore, have the money and high morale to continue to offer the best.

I think any company that wants to start with just an idea MUST focus on a targeted and very specific solution.

In this world where the Brand matters more than anything else, a completely unknown company should offer specific solutions to carve immediately out a piece of the market. It’s what we are doing, and what you should do.

Our future

We have many ideas in mind that we’ll develop in the coming months. Our third plugin should be released as early as September, and we’re excited to introduce another grandiose and unprecedented solution to the WordPress community!

Meanwhile, we enjoy our 200% growth; we thank all the customers who have trusted us, and we are hoping to record good data for the next episode.