Custom Audiences Enhancer

Empower your Facebook ads
with ultra-targeted custom audiences.

You’re using only a tiny part of your Facebook ads potential

As you know, Custom Audiences are the best Facebook Advertising feature right now but what you may not know is that you’re using only a fraction of their potential!

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The world’s 1st technology that creates unparalleled behaviorally targeted custom audiences

Custom Audiences Enhancer gives your site a behavioral tracking,
sending valuable information to your Facebook ads account that lets you build super-targeted custom audiences and create ultra-specific retargeting campaigns.

All this is possible thanks to Custom Events, a new technology that Facebook offers to its advertisers.

IntellyWP takes care of marketing technology; that’s why we created Custom Audiences Enhancer.

A super easy tool to tame an advanced technology, all without touching a single line of code.

Here’s what Custom Audiences Enhancer can do for you

behavioral targeting

Behavioral Tracking

Create Custom Audiences and ad campaigns based on the behavior of your website visitors.

You can target your most engaged visitors such as people who spend 3 minutes on your site or read 5 articles.

You can target people who reach your site from Google or Twitter, or maybe those who log in to your site, like returning customers and much more!

E-Commerce Tracking

Track any steps of an e-commerce funnel: (visit, wishlist, cart, checkout, purchase).

Create abandoned cart campaigns, target customers who spent at least 100 dollars, who add products to their Wishlist, who bought a specific product from a certain category (for a cross-selling campaign), the sky’s the limit!




Custom Audience Builder

Don’t worry, you won’t have to delve into technical data to create a custom audience.

The Custom Audiences Builder provides  you with a visual editor just inside your WordPress admin panel.

Create advanced custom audiences with just a few clicks, all without leaving your site!


We’ve done the dirty work for you 🙂

If you don’t know which custom audiences is better for your Advertising, you can use our pre-built templates.

Simply pick a goal category, choose the template that fits your needs and you’re all set!

templates cae


Email notification

You can create a custom audience and be alerted by email once it’s ready to be used on your ads.

Just wait for the notification and then go!

Better targeting = Reach any goal you want

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Get viral with the most engaged visitors

Get viral and increase the natural reach of your ads by targeting the most engaged visitors first.

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Recover your search engine traffic

Re-engage users who quickly visit your site from Google and other search engine, transforming them into fans, leads and sales.

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Convert specific interests


Build audiences based on the specific interests demonstrated on your site. Increase your targeting & increase your conversions.

Get more, spend less.

Endless targeting possibility with over 30 custom events

Retarget customers who didn’t complete their order

Create ads targeting customers who didn’t complete the finish checkout.

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Discount products in abandoned carts

Create scarcity by showing ads that offer a discount only to customers who added products to their cart.

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Upsell your customers

Increase sales by targeting your recent customers with upsell ads.

Take your Facebook Advertising to the next level

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Increase your proactive fans

Acquire fans who are really interested in your brand without the guesswork.

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Get cheap and highly responsive leads

Design your custom audience and start showing them relevant ads that really speak to them.

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And a lot more…

Yes, this is only the beginning. Increasing your engagement, leads and sales has never been easier than today.




Install the CA Enhancer will start gathering data from your site’s visitors.



Create your Custom Audiences in your WP admin page.



Create ultra-targeted Facebook ads campaigns and get results!

Custom Audiences Enhancer is currently not available. We are working on the 2.0 version. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Website Custom Audiences?

Website Custom Audiences, as Facebook says, allow you to target your Facebook ads to audiences of people who have visited your website and remarket to those who have expressed interest in your products.

For more information, please see the presentation here as well as the Getting started guide.

Why should I use the CA Enhancer plugin?

This WordPress Plugin supercharges your Facebook advertising. It sends you behavioral information about your visitors, information that helps you create the perfect audiences, and consequently create better ads, which lead to more conversions.

Does Facebook approve this?

Absolutely! Custom Audiences Enhancer is an application approved by Facebook. 

Facebook created the capability of this plugin when they made event tags. Custom Audiences Enhancer simplifies an advanced technology otherwise usable just by coders and connect it with your site.

Does CA Enhancer manage my ads?

No. Ca Enhancer will help you build better Website Custom Audiences and publish them on Facebook, but will never interfere with your ads and will never publish anything on your profile either.

How much will these enhanced CA cost?

Since CA built with this plugin will be very specific, you’ll see a very high click percentage or very high conversion rate and, of course, better quality scores on your ads.

As the result, this plugin will help you spend less, not more.

Which e-commerce plugins do you integrate with?

At the moment, CA Enhancer integrates with WooCommerce. More are coming soon, please let us know your preferred e-commerce plugin here. The more requests we’ll have, sooner we can start developing.

In simple terms, what this plugin do?

CA Enhancer pushes valuable information about your website’s visitorsto your Facebook ads account. You’ll able to use that information to create more specific ads, one that will convert more leads and more sales, guaranteed.

Do I need technical skills?

Absolutely not! Just install the plugin, connect it to Facebook with a few clicks and it’s complete. You’re ready to use the data to explode your conversions on Facebook ads.

Should I create a Facebook App?

No. Since CAE is also an approved Facebook application, you just need to connect your account with the Facebook Connect button inside the Plugin Settings.

Will this plugin slow down my site?

No way! The core of this plugin runs completely in the back-end. Your site’s front-end will just be the classic Facebook Tracking Pixel.

Do I need any marketing skills?

No. While CA Enhancer can be used as an advanced, customized marketing machine, we also provide Custom Audiences templates help you reach your goals without any marketing skills.

Our templates are built by marketing professionals and will help you find the right target and increase your Facebook ads conversions!